About Beyond Hello World

The Beyond Hello World Foundation is the home to an ecosystem of apps and websites, each designed, implemented and maintained by the founders of this very foundation. Our goal is to use the expertise that we put into our own products and build more diverse ones, for you and the next person you refer us to. Several ideas die in the mind they’re conceived in. We want those ideas to materialize and influence the world. Only then can we go beyond what the world has already seen. Only then can we go Beyond “Hello World“.

“Hello World” in only the beginning. It’s the 1′s and 0′s to humans. We want to go Beyond “Hello World”, breaking the chains that bind us to what already exists and allowing ourselves to explore the possibilities of tomorrow – a tomorrow influenced by you and us. Together.

Founders’ Of Beyond Hello World

Excellent at evaluation, Shashank evaluates all decisions, from design constraints to practicality to cost effectiveness. Without Shashank, Beyond Hello World wouldn’t be tied to the World, it’d be a lost cause.

Shashank Saboo

Voice Of Reason

Technology is Shravan’s religion. Everything at Beyond Hello World revolves around technology, and Shravan is always a step ahead of the idea man. With his head in the clouds, even the sky can’t limit his ideas. That’s why we’re great at what we do.

Shravan Kale

Tech Evangelist

It’s one thing to have great ideas. It’s another to get things moving. Vikesh knows how to start things. Ideas spring many more, and each one might be crucial towards success, but without a beginning, success is afar.

Vikesh Balani